Thursday, March 3, 2011

What If...

I don't know about everyone else, but Charlie Sheen has made me realize something recently.  The more the media talks about him (and every other idiot in this world) the more it seems to encourage his bad behavior.  I think if we all became disinterested in what he was doing, he may stop.  What if the media only reported on the good stuff people did, however boring it may be?  Would that cause people to stop doing ridiculous things for attention?  Probably not, but it's an ammusing thought anyway.  What if these were the headlines we were used to...

"MTV Donates All Earnings to Charity; Vows to Go Off the Air for the Good of Mankind."

"Charlie Sheen Treats His Kids to a Trip to the Zoo and an Ice Cream."

"Snooki and The Situation Enjoy Brunch and a Round of Golf."

"Lindsay Lohan Buys Fertilizer and Tomato Plants for Her New Garden."

"Divorce Rate Down; Couples Reportedly 'Love' Being Married."

"Kardashian Sisters Start New Jobs as Geriatric Nurses; Patients Say the Sisters are 'Kind and Unpretentious."

"Michael Vick Adopts Entire Animal Shelter, No Ulterior Motive Suspected."

"Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Take Vow of Silence."

"Paris Hilton Buys Fuel-Efficient Hyundai, Says She's Thrilled with the MPG."

"Rappers Grammatically-Correct Songs Create a Generation of Well-Spoken Teenagers."

"Lady Gaga Has Busy Saturday, Mowing the Grass and Painting the Garage."

"Kanye West Loses a Canasta Tournament, Shows Crowd How to Be Gracious in Defeat."


Jane said...

I absolutely LOVE your headlines. And I think I would be interested. It is so disappointing when I start liking a musician or actor of some sort, only to see headlines that show they are not very nice or moral folks.

And I agree that if we stopped showing so much interest in all the insanity...a good bit of it would stop. Because that would not be what got our attention, and attention - whether good or bad - seems to be the point of it all.

Emily Fowler said...

These are HILARIOUS and your thoughts are oh so true! Thanks for sharing...

The HoneaBees said...

Girl-you crack me up! The same goes for the latest person to shoot up a grocery store, bully someone to death, and play the choking game. If they wouldn't put it on tv every 5 seconds, others wouldn't follow suit so they can get on tv. Ugh. That ol devil will get his day for sure!