Friday, February 25, 2011

The Feminine Mystique...

I've said many times how much Ryan makes me laugh. I think it is the glue that holds our marriage together. Well, actually, God is the glue, but you know what I mean. Lighten up. Anyhow, last night Ryan was telling me about a commercial he had seen. I am going to do my best to recount the conversation we had about it:

Ryan: "Guess what I saw a commercial for today?"
Me: "I don't know. What?"
Ryan: "Pads, but not regular lady pads."
Me: Laughing too much to respond
Ryan: (In a slightly disgusted/aggravated tone) "Pads to wear in case of an 'accidental spritz'."
Me: Laughing so hard I'm crying
Ryan: (Now in an angry tone and holding his hand out like he wants me to high-five him) "And guess who was on the commercial? WHOOPI GOLDBERG IN A KING TUT OUTFIT."
Me: Nearly passing out from the lack of oxygen due to laughing

Poor Ryan, feminine products and their mysteries will never end.