Thursday, April 4, 2013


Someday, you'll miss this, so I'm told
Try not to wish it away
Too soon it seems your babies grow old
And you'll be wanting back these days
Someday, you'll miss the growing belly
The swollen ankles, the tiny kicks
Constant cravings for peanut butter and jelly
And feeling like your body's taken 1000 licks
Someday, you'll miss that newborn cry
Jarring you out of a deep, dead sleep
The long day that blurs into night
And being so tired, you just want to weep
Someday, you'll miss sitting, rocking her in the chair
Feeling so unproductive, laundry piled high
Forgetting the last time you washed your hair
Feeling like every sign of youth has waved bye-bye
Someday, you'll miss diapers, teething, spit-up
Car seats, high chairs, and first steps
Pureed peas, pacifiers, sippy cups
And wondering if as a mother, you are inept
Someday, you'll miss the tiny sound
Of footsteps creeping down the hall
"Get back in bed!" you stand your ground
But would that extra cuddle have hurt, after all?
Someday, you'll miss running around town
Dropping off, picking up, and bringing to
Swimming upstream, about to drown
Feeling like your whole life is a zoo
Somedays, I feel like that "someday"
Is so far down the road, out of my reach
But somedays that "someday" feels not so far away
"Not yet!" I think "So much is left to teach!"
So hold my hand, yours in mine feels so small
I wish I could halt this swift-moving time
But I'll have my memories, I'll cherish them all
And someday remember when you were all mine

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