Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Hear Me Out

Being the mom of four daughters, I feel like I am constantly filing little bits of advice in my brain to share with them at the appropriate time.  I am by no means an expert advice-giver.  I constantly second-guess even the tiniest decisions.  Nevertheless, I scraped together what I think is some of the best advice I can give my girls.  This is not all of it, because I'm still learning too.  Hopefully, they'll consider it...or at least humor me and pretend like they are :)

~Keep God first.  Always.  No exceptions.
~Stay in church and be involved in it. 
~Marry a Christian.  That doesn't mean your marriage will be problem-free, but having God in common makes those inevitable problems easier to handle.
~Be nice to everyone, but don't be a doormat.  People will respect you a lot more if you stick up for yourself.
~Appreciate what others do for you.
~Give people the benefit of the doubt.
~Keep your toenails painted :)  Everyone loves cute feet :)
~Clean up after yourself.
~Learn how to keep a house clean, but don't think that it's your "job" just because you're a woman.  Make it clear to your husband it's a 50/50 thing.
~Defend people who are defenseless. 
~Don't allow people to spread rumors.  Try to be the one who stops it.
~Take the time to do your hair and make-up, but feel good about yourself even if you skip a day doing it :)
~Know how to balance a checkbook.
~Know how to fix a toilet.
~Know how to put air in your tires and jump start your car.
~Laugh at yourself.
~Before you get married, live alone for awhile.  It may be the only time in life when you have your own space :)
~Love and appreciate your husband and tell him that everyday, several times a day.  They need to hear that :)
~Make sure your children know you love and appreciate their daddy.  They also need to hear that :)
~Don't wear tapered jeans.  Just don't.
~Make your bed every morning.
~Don't act dumb just to impress a boy.  They appreciate a smart girl.
~Don't get upset when your dad and I won't let you do certain things.  I promise it's only because we love you.  I also promise you'll grow to hate that reason when you're a teenager :) 
~A 16 year old boy usually isn't as safe a driver as you think.  That's why we've already decided you're not getting into a car with one.  Ever.
~Choose a career that you really love and give it everything you've got.
~Be well-read.
~Know that the kids at school who are "nerds" are just millionaires in the making.  Be nice, they may be your boss someday :)
~Be nice to waiters and waitresses.
~Be sweet to your sisters.  They will be your best friends someday :)



I love this list, Lindsey! You are such a good mom to your girls! :)

Jane said...

GREAT advice! I absolutely love it! I like the cute feet part and the living alone part. SO TRUE. I may have to return to this list when I need some advice! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the advice, love you, love Ryan and love those girls.

One more to add to the list.....
Love your Great-Momma 'cause she loved you before you were born and her love will last long after she is gone.

Mandi said...

Love all the advice! Especially about keeping your toes painted...