Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Is Not a Bucket List...

I am really annoyed by the term "bucket list".  I just think it's kind of dumb.  So this is just stuff I want to do...eventually.

-Learn how to say the alphabet backwards.
-Do a back handspring
-Run a half-marathon (a full one seems painful)
-Speak a foreign language fluently (knowing a few phrases in French is no longer impressive)
-Learn how to cook good enough where Ryan doesn't say, "Here, let me finish cooking that chicken up for you," as he's gently pushing me away from the stove. 
-Get through a pedicure without giggling and pulling my feet away.
-Stay caught up on laundry
-Do karaoke
-Learn how to grow a garden and keep from killing everything.
-Learn how to walk on my hands
-Dance like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever."  Awesome.
-Go to a Dave Matthews concert (come on, Stewart...let me tag along next time.)
-Get a basketball goal in my yard and yell, "Jordan!" every time I slam it.
-Master the Moonwalk.
-Have long legs (okay, I'll never have long legs, but I'll never learn to cook either, so whatever)
-Play the banjo.
-Live in New York City (maybe when the kids are in college and Ryan and I have nothing else to do)
-Jump off the high dive at Point Mallard.
-Finish college
-Read Braille
-Be on Jeopardy and win big.
-Find the perfect shade of lipstick.  Years of wearing make-up and I still can't get it right :)
-Go to Switzerland and Austria and ski.  I hear it looks like a snow-globe there.
-Visit every state capitol. 
-Have nice handwriting.
-Go to bed at 9:00 pm every night (Again, maybe when the girls are in college)


Stewart said...


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on playing the banjo. I'm picturing a class at church when we're all empty nesters!

Joe and Talsie said...

I want to run a half marathon too! I agree that a full one seems painful but if you can run 13.1 miles you can probably run another 13.1. Right now I just want to run for a full 30 minutes without feeling like my lungs will explode.

Sunny said...

Loved reading your list. I'm the giggle and pull my feet away while getting pedicures too. Makes me feel so immature. :)

brooke said...

Love it!! I'm impressed that you actually would like to do some of those things. I think you should shoot for walking on your hands first. That would be AWESOME!

Jessica said...

Playing the banjo is harder than one would think, apparently. Just ask my brother (Jefferson). He plays guitar and drums (very well, I might add!) and tried for a year to master the banjo--took lessons and everything. Said he just doesn't have 'it'. We all think he sounds great, but he said he'll never be able to master it. And this list makes me smile! So many things that I'd never even consider for a 'list' of my own.

Jane said...

I believe you can reach that half-marathon goal for sure! Fleet Feet sponsors training groups from a 5k, 10k, up to a half marathon if you want help.

And I never understood the whole "bucket list" term either.

How in the world have you had a blog all of this time and I have not known?